Fresno School of Mission

The Amazing Word of God



Overview of His Message and New Creation



The Testaments/Covenants



Old Testament

Preparing us for Christ: Jeremiah 31:31-34


Book content summary, When? Where?


The nature and character of God

displayed in human history, through:

Israel, the Holy Spirit, prophets, kings, covenants, temple, offerings…




New Testament

Luke 22:20

God’s Work to fulfill the New Covenant promise and bring about the New Creation.


Book content summary. When? Where?


Christ in the flesh:

The Gospel of Christ, His biological line, His humanity/deity, His ministry, The Offering, Resurrection and Ascension.

John 1:29


Christ in the Spirit:

Our High Priest at the right hand of the Throne of the Majesty on High

The gift of God’s Spirit to the men and women of His Body.

The Church and the New Creation



Considering all this, what is He telling us?

Here and now?