Fresno School of Mission

The future of world mission

” … And teach them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely, I am with you always,
to the very end of the age” (Matthew 28:20 NIV).
A constant transformation of the hearts of women and men by the Gospel of Jesus Christ is one of
the most amazing events that the Holy Spirit is doing among Mennonite Brethren in Democratic
Republic of Congo. In 1920 eight Congolese heard the Good News of Christ and became Christians.
DJIMBO Timothy and SENZELE Luke were among these early Mennonite Brethren Disciples of Christ
in Congo. Conversion to Christ meant understanding the scriptures, confessing their sins /
receiving the forgiveness and abandoning fetish (cultural value). This radical conversion meant
(means): reconciliation with Jesus and embracing people of different ethnic groups. The Holy
Spirit enabled the early Congolese converts to imitate Christ in leaving their village (Kafumba
Area) and sharing the Gospel with others. More then eight decade later, the Lord keeps
transforming the hearts of Congolese women and men through faith in Jesus. The national
Conference has grown from Eight people to Ninety-one Thousand members, from rural to urban
settings, from one ethnic to a mosaic community of Christ; from a receiving Conference to a
receiving /sending Body. Men and women are being sent into the tropical forest to reach out the
Batwa people. Within the capital city, Kinshasa, a cross-cultural training school is equipping local
Christians for world mission and interfaith dialogues.
Most Congolese Mennonite Brethren members perceive the future of world mission in hopeful and
positive tem1S. It is God’s gift and task (Jeremiah 29: 11; Romans 15: 13). Since the 90′ s, a yearly
December Mission Conference is held in Kinshasa for action and reflection. Delegates from local
churches gather to receive reports of cross-cultural church mission activities. They pray and
reflect on new interactions in the world.
Out of about a thousand cross-cultural Congolese missionaries in the world, thirty are from the
Melillonite Brethren Church. Their hope is to see God’s Kingdom advance in tropical forest and
world mega cities such as Brazzaville (Republic of Congo), Bangui (Central African Republic)
Durban (South Africa), Luanda (Republic of Angola), Montreal (Canada) and Paris (France).
The future of world mission is bright and hopeful because of God’s p