Fresno School of Mission

Title: End Time Prophesies – Hope for the Future – Fall 2022

Instructor: Walter Jackson

Class Syllabus

This new class is designed to guide you through the Word of God regarding the end of Satan’s influence of mans governmental rule and the coming rule of Gods Son (Jesus).


The blessing of studying end time prophecies in the Bible is that they provide comfort, encouragement and hope for the future.


There are several themes that are discussed when studying the end times, also known as the last days or the latter days of time:


Atmospheric and cosmic disturbance.

Salvation of Israel as a Nation and Gentiles during the tribulation preceding the return of Christ (The Second Coming).

The prevalence of evil conduct including inequity lawlessness, deception and violence

The rise and fall of nations.

Wars between Nations.




It is our prayer that this study will passionately stir us with a sense of hope, encouragement and urgency to:



Evangelism, Good Works and Holy Living