Fresno School of Mission

Fresno Mission Festival

Celebrates our commitment To worship Him and becoming a disciple for the only living God. this year we celebrated our 17th anniversary.

May 6th, 2022

Officially we started May 6th and seventh however we participated in a revival with Feed My Sheep Ministry.
Under the direction of Pastor Bruce Hood . On Friday, May 6 for guest speaker was Deputy Mayor Matthew Grundy,
His message from Matthew 2816 through 20 was making disciples. A number of resources to encourage and inform the community were available. Some of the birds represented the Red Cross, black nurses Association, perspectives, and many more. Then on May 7 is a car show bicycle giveaway, and a food giveaway plus barbecue. For the community we were able to meet a physical needs. SpirituallyWe had worship music and people praise the Lord. Pastor and Lee and his team brother Roger and brother Oscar headed up the baptism. This great venture Started with a family of five. And God seen this and brought get more people to be baptized a total of 13 hallelujah. What a glorious day to see God at work. May 7 was the end of the celebration worship service was gone by Reverend Jones from Fpu. Reverend Jones gave encouraging words to seven of the baptized people. Our mission is to follow up on the ones that were baptized to Help them connect with a church in order to continue the good work of making disciples. Matthew 28:16-