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The most common language is French, although local tribes have their own dialect such as Lingala and Kinkongo. Dr. Lumeya speaks French, Lingala, Kikongo and English. The land is large and diverse from cities like Kinshasa with over 7 million people to local villages with only a few hundred. Once outside of major cities, roads are often dirt or non-existent. The region is made up of metropolitan areas, rivers, plateaus, mountains and forests. Poverty is very high and the standard of living is very poor.

Having been born and raised in a small village, Dr. Lumeya’s heart is to serve the people in their spiritual growth as well as bring better living conditions.

Working thru the Kinshasa School of Mission in Congo we are training local people to be Pastors and Evangelists that can reach local residents in the city, mountains, forest, river and plateau.

In addition we seek to provide help with local farmers to bring their crops to the city for sale and provide benches for local school children. Several trips are made to the Congo each year to meet with church and community leaders.

Funds are needed for maintaining the Mission in Congo:
buying materials for benches in village schools,
buying bicycles and canoes for village farmers to take their produce to market,
travel fees to Congo and other locations,
local ministry supplies and other administrative costs.
Please consider a generous gift today!

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